artMaX - The European Corner in the European MaX-Project Delmenhorst

Delmenhorst, Germany

artMaX - The European Corner in the European MaX-Project – the long night of media art on the the 16th of July 2011. In the turbine hall of the Nordwolle Delmenhorst Industry Culture Museum, Germany

Well known artists from Tokio and New York like Keiko Uenishi are also involved as well as audio-visual performers from avantgarde music to electronic live-VJing, coming from Budapest, Dresden, Hamburg and Bremen. artMaX - The European Corner in the European MaX-Project is dedicated to media art. Installations and live performances will be applied to establish ties from early industrial culture beyond the presence to a vision of life in a post digital future.

These installations and performances are using new media, especially computer and screenings and they will be exhibited and presented by over 20 artists from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Japan and USA. In the late evening on the 16th of July all the artists will meet for a digital Share Jam, after the tradition of Jam sessions.

The European Corner - a new and persisted media installation in five important European museums - will enable to interchange virtual exhibitions and it would be a tool to present excellent works of media art. Artists from all over the world have applied with short video art pieces or documentations of their artistic work. After a professional jury decision the best works will be presented on the Corner. By dint of the European Corner it will be possible to overcome borders between nations and to gain new options for a public participation to these valuable cultural developments. During the next years it is essential to involve artists, Creative’s, cultural managers, citizens, museum visitors in a lasting cultural process that allows planning new projects. Further artist actions and art factories are already intended. artMaX - The European Corner in the European MaX-Project is a project, which is consisted of an alliance of autonomous media art events and exhibitions taking place parallel in time at the museums in Delmenhorst, Gdansk, Sofia, Bitola, Ghent and Bocholt.

The artMaX - The European Corner in the European MaX-Project media-art event at Nordwolle is organised by the M2C Institute for Applied Mediatechnology and Culture in Bremen in cooperation with the Nordwolle Delmenhorst Industry Culture Museum. Three years ago 2000 inhabitants of Delmenhorst were crazy about the media art at Nordwolle. The event for to visit and use the European Corner will take place in the turbine hall of the Nordwolle. The entrance is free. Food and refreshments will be well provided inside and outside the area of Nordwolle.


The MaX-Project is funded by: