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Jürgen Amthor

Jürgen Amthor a.k.a. BNC studied cultural sciences and philosophy. Works with new media and art in public spaces. Lives in Bremen/Germany.

Menschen auf der Nordwolle/People on the Nordwolle (interactive media installation)

The installation is produced on the occasion of „MenschMeerMedien“ event in September 2007 in Nordwolle Delmenhorst.The piece is composed of 7 TVs, 2 projectors a videocamera as a light beam, and a computer which was placed at the former porter’s office of the Nordwolle wool factory. The imagery is black and white to emphasize the historical context, also for this reason the work is represented on old cathode ray tube gadgets. Premier plan photographed portraits of the former workers, inhabitants and to the Nordwolle related people are the subjects of the installation. Beside this all the happenings of the former foyer of the Nordwolle leads to a flash of another historical portrait of a person who once had to at least one time pass the entrance area. The media installation People on the Nordwolle tries to conjunct historical elements with the interaction of the present.

Keiko Uenischi

Swaantje König

Swaantje König studied in Kiel and in Paris from Christian Boltanski, currently she studies at the Academy of fine arts in Dresden in class of Mundt. Her main interest lies in producing sculpture, installation art performances and video works, also interventions on public spaces.

O.T. (Video installation 33 min., loop)

The video documents a performance in which the artist wrapping white wool in her hands. For this the artist uses the left and the right hand after the other, the technique of covering the hand refers to the method of boxers making bandage on their hand. The process of wrapping goes till it is becomes impossible spin the yarn around the fingertips.

Besorolás Alatt

Group: Attila Zérczi, Gergő Nagy, Zoltán Pethő, Imrich Kovács, András Blazsek, Kiss Máté

The BA group formed to create sound arts, sound installations and performances. During our performances we transform the space what is at our disposal, we modify the visuals by rearranging and staging the space to create unity with music. Our intention is to realize a living site-specific sound-installation, an experimental performance, an organic environment, which is musically improvised and constantly shows a new feature for the spectator. The music part of our performance can be defined as electro-acoustic. It is based on experimental electronics and field recordings, which can be mixed or to be left as separate pieces. We are looking for opportunities to collaborate with other artists, musician and institutes within and beyond the border. In spite of fact that the group members are coming from different fields of art, our goal is the same and it is unit under one circle. In all cases this circle transforms the space where the sound generated and the material world live together. We will continue and draw on this intellectual/spiritual ground.

Sleep Today for Yesterday

The Besorolás Alatt (Unrated) is a group formed by young artists from Hungary, though almost all of them live in different countries representing the contemporary European artistic career, in which mobilty plays an important role. The concept of their performance Sleep Today for Yesterday is based on the concept of spatial vareity, the video footages shot by the artists in their environment. Among others in Devecser in Hungary, at the Texel island in Holland, in Los Angeles and on flights facing the destinations Brussels, Milan, Bergamo.

The visual materia depicting personal impressions and experiences consists of parallel edited documentary segments, which is still coherent in its diversity. The audio part of the performance is also self composed. The sounds are generated by an analog and digital system of tools, during the performance they become music. It can be viewed as a kind of network music, in which the temporal and structural change of the sounds is determinated till a certain level by the system itself.

The collectivity is not bounded to a place any more due to the possibiliteis of interenet, which enables the artists living far from each other to work together. But to finally perform from the prepared audio and visual materia the artists should reassemble on the same place in the same time.

Ruby and the robot

R&tR │artist group: Axel Himmelmann (Music), Janine Dubslaff (Vj), Carola Kreutz (Artwork), Hannes Tiede (Animation)

Live music and Vjing in the turbine hall.

The story tells about the disparate duo Ruby and the Robot, the two are traveling together trough space and time on the way of visual repression and soundlessness looking for a place of audiovisual freedom. R&tR is a common project of media artists from Bremen and Hamburg. The team works together since October 2010 on audiovisual media projects.

In this project aural and visual aspects will be linked with each other. The main aim is free artistic development in music, artwork, animation, and video. The works will be improvisations, interaction of music, design and technique.