Hungarian Stress - A special focus in the European Project artMUSE

16 - 17 July 2011 at the spinning mill of the LWL Textile Museum, Bocholt and Nordwolle Delmenhorst, Industry Culture Museum, Germany

The Hungarian Stress will be realized with presentations of Hungarian media art pieces, with which the viewer get an insight to the fresh contemporary media art scene.

One Hungarian media art performance and two installations will be performed and exhibited in Bocholt and Delmenhorst, in the framework of artMUSE alliance of media art festivals. The projects, curated by Lívia Rózsás, showing different artistic approaches, reflexions. They accord in using new media, especially computer as a tool of artistic expression.

In the spinning mill, which will be opened to the public by artMUSE as a cultural center of Bocholt and the region, installations will be shown, that are dealing with the subjects of history of textile industry and the building itself, which is a former venue of textile and yarn production. The chosen works of the Hungarian Stress in Bocholt relating to the material of textile. The installation Aurora/aura refers to the natural phenomenon of arctic light showing it in the context of industrialization. In the Noisy Coat project a coat will be connected via sensors to a computer, with which the coat becomes a “fashionista performance tool”.

The thematic focus of the Nordwolle Delmenhorst – Northwest German Museum of Industry Culture is history of industry and migration culture. The Besorolás Alatt (Unrated) artist group dedicates their performance to the topic of migration and emigration.

The artists invited are internationally acknowledged and young emerging artists, working or collaborating in the field of new media art, on the border of technological developments and artistic expression.

The artworks will be documented by the artists during their stay in Germany. These video pieces will be uploaded to the European Corner’s server, and will be available in the network of it at five museums in Europe.