Sofia, Bulgaria

15 - 16 July 2011, artMaX in the National Polytechnic Museum Sofia

On the 15th and 16th of July 2011 new developments of new media and media art will fill the air of the National Polytechnic Museum in Sofia. The European Corner, the web based interactive stele, which now enriches the exhibition at the National Polytechnic Museum in Sofia will be presented to the public. On the second day, the German media artists Robert Seidel and Heiko Tippelt will present their works. The events are part of a long-term international cooperation project, MaX – Museum at Public Access and Participation, founded by the European Union and directed by the M2C Institute for Applied Mediatechnology and Culture in Bremen, Germany. MaX creates a new dimension of visitor participation and exchange in museums. It generates the missing link between the common aspects of industrial history and the new culture of interactive media with interests and necessities of today.

The project creates a new dimension between permanent access to collections of museums, beside new media art pieces and visitor participation and exchange in museums and between other museums and their visitors and between media artists. This possibility is given by the European Corner, a web based interactive stele, which consists of three multi-touch screens. In the biggest screen visitors can poke in different kinds of contents - media artist can implement interactive or audio-visual art works and can communicate with their audience or with each other, trough different applications.

Our participation in MaX is very important and effective, the main result of it, European Corner, is situated in our house. The corner gives us the opportunity to present our museum and to see the activities of our partners in the project. Furthermore – after widening the network of European Corner in future – our exhibitions, galleries, films, clips etc. will have wider presentation in Europe, as well as in the partner’s programs. The first exhibition we present on the European Corner is our national subproject connected to the main topic: textile. It consists of five textile installations, devoted to the five human senses. The authors of the installations – students of Fashion Design Department of the New Bulgarian University visualize the use of the textile for pieces of art production and for mental and sense provocation. The content of the installations and the effect of their perceiving from public are shown in virtual galleries, together with other pictures, texts and visual materials.

artMaX - The European Corner in the European MaX-Project is dedicated to the creative energy, which uses earlier developments to realize ideas about the present and the future. The project’s aim is to join industrial history and digital culture in media art. In artMUSE the historical effects face the contemporary tendencies of art of our times of digitalization, as they have been rarely presented together. The project artMaX - The European Corner in the European MaX-Project opens up new vistas of discussion and cooperation between both fields. It supports this process by combining common industrial heritage with common themes of the present and future. The inclusion of media, programming and informatics in applied media art and artistic techniques is an emblematic feature of our contemporary society in Europe: the connection between art and technology is an initial point and at the same time motor of present-day social and cultural initiatives. The integration of new media in cultural processes builds up a base for the latest media art. Beside the technical developments the new user-culture tools playing an important role in artistic praxis as well, e. g. in its certain way of perception, aesthetics, interaction with the viewers and participation of them. These could be seen as inducements of nowadays artistic processes, the matter of perception and reflection or the communication with the beholder.

Therefore the artworks will be presented in a new context, of course in real, but also their documentations will be virtually available through European Corner.

The event taking place at the Polytechnic Museum in Sofia. It will be presented by the German artists Robert Seidel and Heiko Tippelt, working on experimental new media art projects, giving an artistic expression to the new tendencies in society driven by media, and a newly formed art collective, dkstrkt from Sofia.


5.07.2011 (Friday)

11:00 Press conference - Presentation of European Corner. The event is opened to journalists in the cultural field, to regional museum professionals and to wider public, friends of the museum.

16.05.2011 (Saturday)

19:00 Robert Seidel – Presentation of short films by the artists, and documentations of his exhibitions and performances.

20:00 Robert Seidel, Heiko Tippelt perform the piece _meander.

21:00 Audio-visual performance by the Bulgarian art collective dkstrkt.

22:30 Party at club Vlaikova.



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